Project Snapshot


Relocate, Rebuild, and Restore a State Government Declared Disaster Area. After the devastating flooding of an Aboriginal Community, the State Government declared the Community a disaster area. 


This project was established to:



Within 3 months of the flood to provide a 200-person community temporary accommodation village (physical units only) including related required essential services;


Restore x 76 Houses within 18 months including related required essential services;


Within 18 months to have upgraded the Water and Waste Water infrastructure to the RAESP standard;


Within 24 months to have restored the community roads (special request due to the project’s delivery track record); and


To have implemented a flood warning ‘SCADA’ system.


Project Outcomes


Employing a strengths-based approach, the project will build on existing community capability and resilience as a means to provide stability and security for children, individuals and families in their endeavours to deal with five critical areas.


Delivered (x76 houses) successfully (on time, within budget to spec); and project received national award for housing innovation.


200-person emergency temporary camp delivered successfully (on time, within budget to spec).


Due to project’s excellent delivery track record, the project was requested to also deliver the required Essential Services (Power, Water and Waste Water) and roads.



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