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Paramount Projects has been engaged to establish the program management plan supporting the Western Australian Government’s recently announced North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund.

The $200M Fund is a major initiative of the Government’s regional services reform to improve the lives Aboriginal families in the Kimberley and Pilbara.

The program will design, construct and manage better quality ‘transitional’ housing as a basis for Aboriginal people to transition away from welfare dependency towards achievements in education, employment, and financial independence.

Hundreds of Aboriginal people will be supported to move out of social housing into the transitional housing and, eventually, private rental accommodation or home ownership.

The program will expand on the successful transitional housing model which is operating in four Kimberley towns. Here participants set life management goals and manage their personal finances. Requirements include children to attend school, adults to work and householders to meet their tenancy obligations.

The program will begin in 2017 with the construction of at least 50 transitional homes in the Kimberley scheduled to commence in September.

Paramount is delighted to be at the forefront of this significant reform. Experience has shown that setting programs up for success at the establishment phase is crucial to delivering on outcomes and, for the North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund, helping to close the gap in significant life areas.


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