James Butterworth
James Butterworth Partner


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With a PhD in Psychology and specific interests in corporate and community development, James has built a high level of management capability over 20 years in diverse metropolitan, rural and remote settings.  Commencing as a project scientist with CSIRO in the 1990s, he has many years of experience in consulting and undertaking research and development work across Australia. 

James has expertise in a range of fields including strategic planning, corporate and community development, mediation, fair work training, natural resources management, emergency management and housing.  Illustrating his outcome focus, James has helped to drive significant Aboriginal housing reforms in Western Australia. 

As Project Director, James provides specific insights into ensuring research and project delivery methods produce reliable and valid results. This includes both quantitative and qualitative consultative and analytical techniques. Particular interests include community development, group facilitation and stakeholder engagement. James is also passionate about emerging thinking and practice regarding social return on investment, social capital, sense of community and volunteerism.